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Tobacco smoke and tobacco smoke related publications 

During 45 years of scientific activity, Rylander published a number of articles on the toxicity of tobacco smoke and some epidemiological studies on life styles, comparing smokers and non-smokers. There was also a project on lung cancer and different environmental factors. All publications with original data were reviewed before publication in scientific journals. After publication there was never any critique of the validity of the data till Hedley in Hong Kong in a letter to the Editor, McKee, of the European Journal of Public Health in 2003, raised questions on paper 2.30, not because of the accuracy of the data but for the connections with the tobacco industry. 

The reference to the articles are given below, for anyone interested to scrutinize and try to find what others have not been able to find, namely scientific errors or falsified data. If a particular article cannot be obtained contact us for a copy (link contact us).


Publications with original data

Tobacco smoke

A machine for introducing a regulated amount of tobacco smoke into an animal. Dalhamn T, Essen E, Kajland A, Rylander R. J Air Water Pollut 1963; 7:511-515.

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Reviews, editorials

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